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All accommodations are reserved per family. Cats from different families are not put together. If your cat wants to come out into the common area, on their own, while we clean their room twice daily, they can (only if you want them to of course!)

Separate rooms can be requested within a family.


You can find pricing & policies --> HERE


(double suite with window view, not recommended for first time visits)

Window Suite 3 - Copy.jpeg
DOUBLE SUITES(larger than our standard suite, great for multiple cats)
STANDARD SUITES(great for 1 cat)
CONDOS(multi-level condo - only available for up to 10 days)

Hours are by appointment only.

M-F 8:45-11:45am; 3:15-5:15pm

Sat 8:45-11:45am

We are closed for appointments Saturday afternoons, Sundays and all major holidays.

Please call to schedule a visit, reservation, drop-off, or pick up time at 941-833-2287 or request a reservation on our NEW CLIENT PORTAL.

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