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*See boarding requirements below

Pricing for our exclusive cat boarding varies based on number of cats, length of stay, medications, and suites or condos.


For more information:

Call us: 941-833-2287 (CATS)

Send an e-mail:


Send a message via our website


Let us know how many cats you have, duration of reservation (if known), preference of suite or condo, and/or any medications they are on.


Feline FVRCP and Rabies Vaccination are required. Only your veterinarian may make an exemption for this due to age or vaccine reactions.


Vaccines must be given at least seven days before boarding if not previously up to date.

Documentation from your veterinarian must be on file.

All cats will be checked for fleas upon arrival. Any sign of fleas or flea dirt on your pet will be treated with CAPSTAR. A $15 fee per dose will be the responsibility of the pet owner (+$5 pill administration). More than one dose may be necessary. All pets from the same home will be treated. Your cat(s) will be isolated to their suite/condo during their stay. There will be an additional $50 cleaning fee per suite/condo occupied. It is the owner's responsibility to have their cat on a flea and tick preventative regardless of "indoor" or "outdoor".

**All cats that require Insulin or thyroid medications must have been on current dosage for two or more weeks prior to boarding.**  

Pet owner must provide a new sterile needle and syringe for each dose as needed (some extras please)


It is an extra charge of $6 per injection, $5 per pill administration, $3 per topical, and $1 per medication added to food.


Hours are by appointment only.

Please call to schedule a visit, reservation, drop-off, or pick up time.


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